Mindful Vienna for Travellers, Expats & Locals seeking Balance


Mindful Vienna for Travellers, Expats & Locals seeking Balance


Mindful Vienna for Travellers, Expats & Locals seeking Balance

Discover Your Body as Your Strongest Ressource

Are you looking for a way to stay in balance and make room for your needs among life’s requirements? Practice with me and get to know my method of mindful & authentic movement. Arrive at your center and become the best version of yourself.

My very own approach and method resulted out of exploring and seeking ways to become balanced and stay true to myself while building my company and delivering high-end services for the corporate world.
Authentic movement, dance, yoga elements & breathing are my daily practices for maintaining a healthy and lively mind-body-soul foundation. It is my heart’s desire to share with you my practices that I have developed.

 Serene Sessions

with Aga Bohun in Vienna

Join me for my very first Serene Session at the amazing Zoku Vienna and enjoy a yummy brunch afterwords with likeminded people. 

When: This Sunday, 5.5.2024, 9.45-11.00am, brunch afterwords

What to expect 

Dive into Aga’s personal practices and experience a vibrant fusion of embodiment & mindset techniques. 

We will bring fresh energy into the body, while releasing stored tension and decluttering the mind.
Expect a mixture of elements from intuitive dance, pranayama and Kundalini yoga. 
The 60 min session is suitable for total beginners as well as advanced yogis, yoginis & dancers.

Taught in a light and playful way. No pre-knowledge is required. Everybody is welcome. 

Come curious and leave balanced & inspired. 

In a nutshell 

Focus · Embodiment & Mindset Mastery
Style · A Fusion of Intuitive Dance, Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork
Effect · Building Capacity for Inner Growth

About Aga 

Since I started dancing at the age of 14 I have been curious about how movement can help me become and stay balanced on a day to day basis. 
I have been exploring western and eastern approaches of dance, movement, meditation, mantras & breathwork.
I have been studying mindset techniques.
I am blending all of it into my own unique practice that keeps on evolving.
…and I just love to share my knowledge and how I personally apply it in my life with the world.

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Private Sessions


…to your needs & demands
50 min
In person in Vienna • EUR 108,- incl. VAT
Online • EUR 88,- incl. VAT

You can

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Authentic Movement Sessions

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Satisfied Clients

“Dear Aga,

“Thank you for the incredible dance and yoga classes. After a class with you I am full of positive energy!!! You are a real pro! The movements are very understandable for every training level!

Thanks again! See you soon!
Kind regards
Maryna K.” 

Student since 2022 • Dance & Yoga • Group Classes

“Aga gave excellent classes. Dancing and yoga are great times.
Rest for soul and body. A load of vitality and new skills.

Irina L.”

Student since 2022 • Dance & Yoga • Group Classes

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