Event Entertainment & Cultural Experiences
for Corporate & Leisure Groups visiting Vienna


Event Entertainment & Cultural Experiences
for Corporate & Leisure Groups visiting Vienna

Event Entertainment & Cultural Experiences
for Corporate & Leisure Groups visiting Vienna

Magical Moments

Since 2011

Waltz in Vienna is the ambassador of Vienna’s cultural heritage offering high-end event entertainment and cultural experiences based on the Viennese culture and presented in a modern and lively way.

My artistic team and I invite our audience to indulge in genuine and heart-felt performances and experiences.

Here are  some facts  worth to know.

Here are  some facts  worth to know.

Modern Tradition

We honour the Viennese tradition in all its facets and pass it on in a modern yet authentic way. 

Amazing Artists

Highly skilled and well-trained artists with a profound experience and a broad repertoire are keen to entertain and/or educate our Vienna visitors.

International Audience

Our guests come from all over the world. Over the years we have entertained Vienna visitors from every continent of the world.

Corporate & Leisure Offer

We cater to the corporate & leisure industry.

B2B & B2C Offer

Most of the services are for companies but especially the dance school services are addressing individuals, couples and friends & families. 

Evolving Offer

Besides the core services Waltz in Vienna regularly expands the portfolio and repertoire in order to meet the actual interests and demands from our clients.

High Quality

We deliver high quality and aim to always go the extra mile for our clients. 

Gender Equality

Founded by a woman, one of Waltz in Vienna’s core values is gender equality. Women and mothers are an essential part of Waltz in Vienna’s artistic team.

Age Equality

With age comes knowledge and wisdom. A well-balanced mixture of sponsoring young artists and supporting older ones is what you will find at Waltz in Vienna.

Fair Fees

Honoring the artists’ work means (not only but definitely) paying fair fees. This is fundamental for everything else, such as creativity and passion, to thrive.

Environmental Responsibility

Taking care of the planet and future generations. Waltz in Vienna’s office is powered by green energy. Plastic use is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the office is as paperless as possible. Public transportation or bycicles are preferred.

The Mind & Heart of the Brand

Hello and thank you very much for being here. I am Aga Bohun, the founder and owner of Waltz in Vienna and I am here for you to create a high-quality and unforgettable Vienna experience.

Fully dedicated and truly passionate about delivering a service that is not only satisfying for you and your group but also for my artists and myself. Why? Because I believe that in the end the audience will be only deeply satisfied if the artists spread a genuine, heart-felt vibe from within. A vibe that just can’t be faked. Therefore, I call Waltz in Vienna’s experiences emotional souvenirs. A Waltz in Vienna service is not just entertainment, a performance or an activity. It is an experience that the audience can treasure in their hearts and take back home. It is a long-lasting memory, an emotional souvenir.

Besides my passion and my artistic expertise, I deeply understand the requirements of the MICE & leisure travel world.

Aga Bohun



Years of Profound Expertise in the Field of Tourism (Leisure & MICE)

Years of Profound
Stage & Back-Stage Expertise as a
Performer & Trainer


Years of Expertise in the Field of Dance & Movement as a Dance Teacher

Relevant  Education

Master’s Degree in Journalism & Communication Studies

University of Vienna

Dance Master · Dance Teacher for Ballroom & Latin American Dances

Tanzlehrakademie Wien

Trainer in Adult Education

Mag. Dr. Ernst Vitek & Margit Gruber

Yoga Teacher · Vinyasa Flow

  • 200 RYT
  • Rachel Brathen & Lara Heimann

Various accomplished & ongoing Trainings in

  • Verbal & Nonverbal Communication
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Group Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Coaching & Self-Coaching Practices
  • Dance & Dance Technique
  • Embodiment
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation
  • Anatomy
  • Somatic Practices

stand for

Quality & Authenticity.

Mindfulness & Equality.

Clear & Transparent Communication.

aim for

Business Interactions and Professional Relationships that satisfy Both Sides.

creating Beautiful Experiences & Lasting Memories for my Clients.

always seeing the Bigger Picture.

care for

Our Society, Our Planet, Mother Nature.

Future Generations.

a Sustainable Life.

In my free time I  love to

spend a lot of Time in Nature and in Water.

indulge in Good Talks with Friends.

be Creative with Drawing and Writing.

listen to Inspiring Podcasts & Audio Books.

tend to my Indoor & Outdoor Plants.

DANCE of course!

Work with me and my team and receive a high-end artistic service embedded in a seamless professional frame. I can’t wait to create an unforgettable experience for your occasion.

Visit my Blog  ViennaStories

…and find out more about me & my love for this beautiful city!

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The Mind & Heart of the Brand

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