Vienna Ball Season

Dear reader,

Dear Vienna lover,

While the Viennese Ball Season 2023/2024 is in full swing and while I am still vibing from the Kaffeesiederball at the magnificent Hofburg last Friday, I am also already dreaming of the next ball season.

And I am obviously not the only one who is already diving into the Viennese Ball Season of 2024/2025.

New requests are landing nearly daily in my inbox. Couples from all over the world are planning their trip to Vienna for the winter season of 2024/2025 and they want to indulge in our living cultural heritage. They want to learn the Viennese waltz AND they want to dance among us, the locals, who love to celebrate in this traditional and very unique way. 

They are asking me to recommend balls and further services that directly connect to that.

Therefore I decided to release a Viennese Ball Calendar 2024/2025 with some personal recommendations. I love to go the extra mile for my clients and to make their Vienna trip planning as smooth as possible so that they can focus on enjoying the beautiful city in the heart of Europe.

There is also another idea in my pocket. More on that a bit later 🙂

Stay tuned… and in the meantime I invite you to follow me on Social Media

Waltzing regards from Vienna,

Aga Bohun