The Mind & Heart of the Brand

Dear reader,

Dear Vienna lover,

Welcome to my blog Vienna Stories. My name is Aga Bohun, and I am the founder and owner of the brand Waltz in Vienna offering event entertainment & cultural experiences in Vienna.

This is my very first blog post for my newly launched website. So of course, I am writing about my path towards and my journey with my brand Waltz in Vienna 🙂

I have been waltzing in Vienna since 1994. Because of the local ball tradition, I discovered social dancing at the age of 14. It was love at first move and since then I have never not danced again (I hope you can “hear” P!ink’s song in your mind right now 🙂 )

Two years later, at the age of 16, I started assisting the dance teacher at a Viennese dance school taking in all the teachings about technique and become more and more fascinated about how differently people learn movement.

I also joined a formation team spending nearly each weekend at Viennese balls dancing shows. Later I became part of a professional show ensemble learning and performing various dance styles, such as jazz dance, hip hop, etc. It continued to be a very intense hobby during school, university and while exploring the first full time jobs.In my late twenties, I realised that dancing was far more than just a hobby for me. So, I embarked on the 3-year educational journey of becoming a certified dance master.

In the third year of this education, I started crafting my own approach of teaching ballroom & latin dancing. My vision was strong, and I wanted to have the liberty of creating and bringing my ideas to life. At this point in time, I already knew that I loved connecting with different nationalities.

Fast forward: I put my visions into reality and in 2011 the brand Waltz in Vienna was born.

Now, twelve years later, I am proud of how my brand has evolved. What started as a boutique dance school for the international guest is now an event entertainment agency, offering:

All offered services are made in-house.

I find so much joy in consulting my clients and designing programs for them. Additionally to my profound expertise my wonderful team of artists is supporting me artistically with their amazing expertise and incredible performances. Together we let magic happen.

My company’s signature service is of course the Viennese waltz dance experience. Dance is the core element of this brand and the core element in my life. And this signature service will have a new home aka a new dance school location in Vienna soon! I am so excited!!

That means that a new chapter is starting soon. Stay tuned…

Kindest regards

Aga Bohun