Vienna Tourism Season 2024

Dear reader,

Dear Vienna lover,

We are having the last days of January 2024 and are approaching the new tourism season in big steps. All international tour operators, DMCs, etc. are getting ready. E-mails and phone calls are being exchanged. Ideas are being wrapped up. New programs are being published.

For me it is an exciting feeling, when my industry is emerging from their seemingly winter sleep and is getting ready to welcome a lot of new and old Vienna visitors from all over the world.

This emerging energy is making myself even more creative. I just looove crafting unique experiences for my clients and their groups. Be it a day activity, a private concert or an exquisite dinner at a Viennese Palais venue. Here you can learn more about my offerings:

All offered services are made in-house.

I find so much joy in consulting my clients and designing programs for them. Additionally to my profound expertise my wonderful team of artists is supporting me artistically with their amazing expertise and incredible performances. Together we let magic happen.

My company’s signature service is by the way the Viennese waltz dance experience. Dance is the core element of this brand of mine and the core element in my life. 

To my existing business partners: Let’s rock this year!

To all new potential business partners: Give it a shot with Waltz in Vienna’s services and grant your guests high-end services from the heart. Let’s have a talk

Kindest regards

Aga Bohun